Who is the Cavewoman?

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Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. I see everything like a picture waiting to be captured. I have to wash my towel after I use it once. I love cold weather. I crave sushi all. the. time. I’m a sucker for a good (or even a not-so-good) chick flick. I can’t sit without my feet up. Sunflowers are my favorite. Starbucks is my weakness. Just an ordinary woman, serving Jesus with all that I am, trying to reach a lost world and loving deeply those whom He blesses me with :)

I am so glad you stopped by! Please feel free to contact me (under the “Questions??” link at the top of the page) with any questions or comments you might have. I’d love to hear from you!!


4 thoughts on “Who is the Cavewoman?

  1. Hi Brenae,
    I just stumbled upon your website while looking for more paleo recipes on pinterest. My husband and I have been doing paleo for about… 3 days and I feel like I am already struggling lol. I have to admit, I have cheated already. Great start right? I am finding so far that my biggest challenge is lunch. How did you start working paleo into your daily life? I work full time so it is very easy for me to want to just pick something up during the day for lunch, i.e. taco bell, wendys, etc. What the heck do I take for lunch!! Any advice will be greatly appreciated :)


    • Hi Lori!! I am so glad you stopped by! :)

      Haha, I FULLY understand the struggle! The first three weeks are the hardest, but trust me, it does get better! I promise!

      I confess my own cheats & offer some advice on that here: http://theculturedcavewoman.com/2013/08/07/basic-paleo-faq/

      Also, about lunch – that can definitely be one the hardest parts. What I’ve found is that having a large cooking day every couple of weeks is the easiest way to have something on hand. I’ll usually make huge quantities of paleo chili, paleo chicken curry, stir fry, etc and freeze them. If I don’t have something to grab for lunch and run out the door, I will NOT stay on the straight and narrow lol. Even if you can’t swing a specific cooking day, it’s so simple to just double your dinner recipe the night before and take those leftovers the next day!

      Also, keeping nuts and seeds, Lara bars, grapes, beef jerky etc on hand will help with the cravings too! But you will notice, after about 3 weeks of straight paleo, you won’t be as hungry anymore! It’s kind of amazing :)

      I hope that answered your question!! I am so excited you’re on this journey – I think you’re gonna love it! Please let me know if I can help in any way!

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