Friday Finds!

Friiiday! Y’all. It’s been such a full, exciting week over here. So much has been accomplished, including:

1) We finally took our Christmas tree down! It was a momentous occasion, folks. Only took us 29 days after Christmas to make it happen. Cuz we’re go-getters like that. Don’t judge.

2) Our church community groups have launched! This is a weekly bible study (one of many at the church!) that we host in our home and we LOVE it. People gathering together to share a meal and grow and learn with each other and God – it’s amazing to be a part of! It’s also the reason we finally had to de-Christmas. Which is good, because otherwise it might’ve been June before it happened.

3) I spent yesterday afternoon doing a few baking experiments for an exciting project I’m working on! Hopefully I can share more with y’all about that soon – just know that I’m stoked! Creating recipes is seriously my happy place.



Okay, now onto the good stuff! I’ve decided to redo part of our guest room to include a home office for myself (since my crafting/DIY goodies runneth over), so the hunt is on for pieces to make the vision I have come to life! I’ve also managed to wrangle my incredible husband into re-painting the guest room for me. The one we just repainted, oh, 4 months ago, you ask? Yes, that one. He is way too good to me! Thankful he puts up with my crazy ideas. So needless to say, this process definitely inspired some of my finds this week!


Ranarp Work Lamp $39.99 @ IKEA

This lamp. I can’t even… I die. I love this light so much that I literally want to go out this second and buy 10 of them. Because that’s not impulsive. Or excessive. Right? But seriously!! SWOON!


Boho Boutique Mika Shower Curtain (ON SALE) $22.49 @ Target (online only)

This shower curtain. Not for my office (obvs), but I do loveee it! It would bring such a fresh pop of color to a bathroom, guest or master! I love that there are 2 separate fabrics – a party for your eyes!


Urban Industrial Open Bookcase – Antique Silver (ON SALE) $251.00 @ Home Decorator’s Collection

This bookshelf. I mean, COME ON! I am so obsessed with metal decor right now, it’s not even funny. This is just such a great neutral, simple piece of furniture that would add so much to a room. Like, an office. Cough cough.


Matilda Relax Kidney Pillow $35.00 @ Home Decorator’s Collection

This pillow. This would look so great as a statement pillow in various rooms – a bedroom or on the couch in a livingroom. It’s bright, cheery & adds a nice homey touch.


Stockholm Mirror $99.00 @ IKEA

This mirror. IKEA has done it again, y’all! This is one of their new mirrors and I am in luuuurve with it! Love this for an entry way, above a table, in a bathroom or even an office! Cough cough. ;)

I hope this week’s finds inspired you in some way and sparked a few ideas as you decorate YOUR home! Have a great weekend, my friends!!

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