DIY Cork Stamps

Happy Monday, y’all!! We were up bright and early this morning – me so I can blog this post & the hubs so he could finish some work for his teacher’s certification. Aaand I’ll probably need another cup of coffee by noon. The struggle is real, peeps. The struggle is real.

Any who, we had an eventful weekend! Our church hosts a volunteer appreciation dinner once a year for all of the serve teams in the church and each year, they somehow top the previous one. It’s always a wacky, crazy, belly laughs, fun night, full of ridiculousness. So that happened last night and boy howdy… what a night! It was medieval themed, complete with crowns and jousting. Yes, you read that correctly. Jousting. Oh! And our pastors made an epic music video remix of “What Does The Fox Say?”. Why, you ask? Because they’re awesome like that. I’ll post that video as soon as it’s up. And if you follow me on Instagram (_theculturedcavewoman), there’s a short clip of the hubs and I dueling it out in the jousting ring! I’d like to let the record state that I WON. I’d also like to believe it was fair and square, so let’s pretend, okay? Okay.

OH! And I got 2 of the most gorgeous chairs for our livingroom yesterday!! That’s a whole other post for another day, but here’s a sneak peek. Thank you, World Market, for fulfilling all of my heart’s desires. Gah, I would live in that store if I could.

LOVE at first sight!

LOVE at first sight!

And now, the REAL reason I wrote this blog post! Another Valentine’s Day craft!!! Yippee, right?! I’ve seen this craft all around Pinterest, so I decided to try it out myself. It was SO easy, only took 30 min and I didn’t even lose a finger. I’d call that a success! There are soo many possibilities with this craft – so dream big!

First, find some old corks (make sure they’re actual cork, not the foam corks!) & trace out your letters or symbols or whatever you’ve decided to do! And make sure you write the letters in a mirrored image. I didn’t on the “L” the first time and theeen realized it. Bah. ;)



Using an exacto knife, CAREFULLY (I repeat, CAREFULLLLLLLLLY), trace your letter with the knife, then cut sideways into the cork, to make the two cuts meet. The excess cork should pop out pretty easily. Do that on the remaining letters. It took me about 30 min to draw the letters and cut them out. The first few cuts are kinda nerve wracking, but I promise, it gets easier!!





Make sure your cuts are deep enough so the edges don’t smear ink everywhere! I went back later and trimmed mine down a bit more because of that very issue!

Alrighty, here’s how mine turned out! I LOVE them!! And now I want to make cork stamps of EVERYTHING!









So, what do you think?? I’d love to hear from you!! You can find me on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram (search “theculturedcavewoman”) :)


Friday Finds!

Friiiday! Y’all. It’s been such a full, exciting week over here. So much has been accomplished, including:

1) We finally took our Christmas tree down! It was a momentous occasion, folks. Only took us 29 days after Christmas to make it happen. Cuz we’re go-getters like that. Don’t judge.

2) Our church community groups have launched! This is a weekly bible study (one of many at the church!) that we host in our home and we LOVE it. People gathering together to share a meal and grow and learn with each other and God – it’s amazing to be a part of! It’s also the reason we finally had to de-Christmas. Which is good, because otherwise it might’ve been June before it happened.

3) I spent yesterday afternoon doing a few baking experiments for an exciting project I’m working on! Hopefully I can share more with y’all about that soon – just know that I’m stoked! Creating recipes is seriously my happy place.



Okay, now onto the good stuff! I’ve decided to redo part of our guest room to include a home office for myself (since my crafting/DIY goodies runneth over), so the hunt is on for pieces to make the vision I have come to life! I’ve also managed to wrangle my incredible husband into re-painting the guest room for me. The one we just repainted, oh, 4 months ago, you ask? Yes, that one. He is way too good to me! Thankful he puts up with my crazy ideas. So needless to say, this process definitely inspired some of my finds this week!


Ranarp Work Lamp $39.99 @ IKEA

This lamp. I can’t even… I die. I love this light so much that I literally want to go out this second and buy 10 of them. Because that’s not impulsive. Or excessive. Right? But seriously!! SWOON!


Boho Boutique Mika Shower Curtain (ON SALE) $22.49 @ Target (online only)

This shower curtain. Not for my office (obvs), but I do loveee it! It would bring such a fresh pop of color to a bathroom, guest or master! I love that there are 2 separate fabrics – a party for your eyes!


Urban Industrial Open Bookcase – Antique Silver (ON SALE) $251.00 @ Home Decorator’s Collection

This bookshelf. I mean, COME ON! I am so obsessed with metal decor right now, it’s not even funny. This is just such a great neutral, simple piece of furniture that would add so much to a room. Like, an office. Cough cough.


Matilda Relax Kidney Pillow $35.00 @ Home Decorator’s Collection

This pillow. This would look so great as a statement pillow in various rooms – a bedroom or on the couch in a livingroom. It’s bright, cheery & adds a nice homey touch.


Stockholm Mirror $99.00 @ IKEA

This mirror. IKEA has done it again, y’all! This is one of their new mirrors and I am in luuuurve with it! Love this for an entry way, above a table, in a bathroom or even an office! Cough cough. ;)

I hope this week’s finds inspired you in some way and sparked a few ideas as you decorate YOUR home! Have a great weekend, my friends!!

P.S. I’d love to hear from you!! You can find me on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram (search: “theculturedcavewoman”)!

Friday Finds!

Friiiday!! Fave day of the week, hands down. I have a feeling most of you out there would agree with me ;) this one’s a big one for me though!! Why you ask?? Welllll (since you asked)… it’s the last weekend before I start my new job! Saaaaay whaaaat?! That’s right, y’all – I got myself a job!

For those of you who haven’t been able to keep up with the current employment sitch-ee-a-shun, here’s a brief run down: quit my job Dec 2 due to bad work environment, got some hours with my old nanny fam (whom I adore!) & then another job that was lined up fell through. It was about this time that financial-freak-out-mode kicked in. Like, big time. My husband is pretty much the best ever though & constantly reminded me that God has provided for us every single time & he’s not going to fail now! Deeeeep breath.

And then, there came the light at the end of the tunnel! I got a call for a job with a chiropractor/nutritionist/internal medicine office, went in last Monday to interview & was hired on the spot! Let the multitudes rejoice! Or at least the Bradley family. We were pretty darn excited – especially because the beliefs of the office (spiritually, nutritionally, etc) really line up with everything we believe. What a cool partnership! I start on Tuesday & I can’t wait to see what I learn & can be a part of there. I’ll keep y’all updated fo sho ;)

Okay, now onto Friday Finds! I know I say this every week, but for real this time: I luuuurve all of these so much. I wish I had 50 million houses to decorate so I could incorporate them all into various rooms. Hopefully something catches your eye & you give one of these pieces a fabulous new home! If that happens, let me know! I’d love to see a pic of how you made it work in your space :)

Natural Herald Chair (on sale) $279.99 @ World Market

Double Door Apothecary Media Stand (on sale) $359.99 @ World Market

Cotton Canvas ZigZag Curtain-Maize $34.00-$49.00 @ West Elm

Threshold Starburst Mirror Set-3 pieces $24.99 @ Target

Threshold Cable Knit Toss Pillow $24.99 @ Target

I hope you enjoyed my finds this week & that they inspired you in some way, shape or form! :) here’s to a relaxing, fun-filled weekend!! PS you can find me on Facebook and Pinterest under “The Cultured Cavewoman” or Instagram (username: @itsbrenae)! I’d love to hear from you!

Happy New Year!!

Helloo bloggy friends! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Well, we had a relaxing start this morning! Which I am absolutely not complaining about. Slept in till 11:30 and then I stumbled into the kitchen, made a chai tea latte & started to dream big. I am so excited for 2014 you guys – I just can’t seem to shake the feeling that it’s going to be BIG. In every way (and not, I’m not preggo)! These are 3 things I want to remember as I face each moment in this coming year – I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one, folks! :)



1) collect moments, not things

2) remember: actions speak louder than words

3) let it go

And a few more…

>>  eat to live, not live to eat

>>  exercise for the RIGHT reasons (to be healthy)

>> be present (instead of always wishing for the next thing)

>> grow in grace (my own relationship with the Lord & the grace I extend to others)

>> pray with and for my husband every day

>> launch my new small business (more on that coming soon!!)

>> take at least 2 trips outside our hometown & explore new places

>> let creativity rule

>> embrace the unknown & take more than a few risks!

What are some of your New Year resolutions?? What changes do you want to make? Do you have anything you’re setting your mind to this year?? I’d love to hear from you!! :) You can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram (username: @itsbrenae)

Friday Finds!

Yay for Friday Finds! I’ve been out of the loop for the past few weeks on posting these, but baby, I’m back! And betta than EVAAA. Okay, you totally needed to be in person to hear that come out of my mouth. Typing it just feels silly. And now here we are. Awkward.

Okay, so, I really enjoyed searching around this week for some super cool pieces of furniture and other items! I love decorating my home and creating an inviting atmosphere… and being on a budget can sometimes make this difficult, as I’m sure many of you can attest to. Hence why Friday Finds was born. I want to showcase some (AFFORDABLE) chic items each week that inspire you and allow you to create the home of your dreams! While not breaking your bank ;) So without further ado…


Room Essentials Rugby Comforter – Blue/White $19.99-$39.99 @ Target

This blanket set. Bedding has to be one of my all-time favorite purchases. Except there are only 2 beds in my house (master and guest room). And they both have comforters already. Soo I can only dream about beauties like this one! I don’t know what it is with me and navy stripes, but they make me swoon. Every. Time. Please tell me I’m not alone in this??


Nandor Chair $79.99 @ IKEA

This chair. I LOVE the mixture between the silver legs and sand colored seat. It’s a perfect mix of elements, in my opinion. It’d look great in an all-white dining room, around the table. Or even in a sitting area, with a throw blanket tossed across. So many options!


Ensidig Vase (7″) $1.99 @ IKEA

This vase. Seriously, I love this thing. And honestly, I might not even use it as a vase. It’d be super cute as a party favor. Maybe a milk and cookies themed baby shower (which a chevron straw in it – can you picture it?!) or as a hot cocoa mix holder for a Christmas gift? I just love the vintage look and how versatile it is.


Maastricht Bronze Lattice Lantern (7.25″) ON SALE $8.79 @ Kirklands

This lantern. I can’t stop staring at these! 2 or 3 of them would be the perfect accent to a mantle or a bookshelf. They’d be great on a TV stand, as well, to add a little pizazz. On top of a bar counter, maybe? I love the simplicity of the design – while still being an eye-catcher. Perfection!


Seafoam Green Pierced Wall Plaque $149.99 @ Kirklands

This wall plaque. This thing is gorgeous, wouldn’t you agree?? LOVE the color – a great neutral while still adding some spark to a room. It’d be great over an entry table, or even on a mantle! You could use 2 of them in a bedroom as a headboard or a wall decoration. The design and color lend themselves to a variety of options. I love investing in pieces like this – because you can use it in multiple locations in your house throughout the years!

Well, that’s it for this week’s Friday Finds! Which one did you like best? What are some of your favorite places to shop?? I’d love to hear from you! I’m off to get ready for the day (which includes straightening my hair – cuz let’s be honest… it’s pretty terrifying right now), running some errands & then working this afternoon. Hope you all have a beautiful day – happy Friday, my friends!! :)

Friday Finds!

So excited for this weekend –  celebrating a sweet friend’s birthday tonight & then spending tomorrow afternoon with another lovely friend! We are heading to the Nutcracker Market here in Houston – which I’ve never been to, but apparently it’s this huge stadium that Christmas throws up in, in the form of decorations, crafts, and endless glitter. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited. I’ll try to capture the magic and take some pictures for you!

And if case you were dying to know how the fireplace paint job is coming along – I haven’t done a second coat of the whitewash yet, but I think I might just stick to one! Once it dried completely, I actually didn’t hate it. So yay for that! I’ll try to post a before/after picture and y’all can weigh in :)

Anywhoo, back to Friday Finds, these posts are some of my favorite to write! Seriously. I love discovering new pieces of furniture and other home decor – dreaming about the beautiful spaces that can be made from these gems is so fun! I am in LOVE with this week’s finds!

Emerson Shelving $399.99 @ World Market

Emerson Shelving $399.99 @ World Market

This shelving. See what I mean? LOVE. At first sight. Gah. I can’t get over them! Love the look of these – the metal and rustic wood. They’d be perfect in a dining room or home office – especially with some wooden crates or metal wire baskets on the shelves!


Antiqued Wall Clock – Teal (on sale) $103.20 @ Pier One

This clock. I have a similar one hanging on my fireplace that I ADORE. I love the subtle blue and the antique look of the clock face. This would look great in a kitchen, entry way or on a mantle! So many possibilities.


White Wall Window Frame $28.00 @ Pier One

This frame. Isn’t this just perfect? I die. It would look so good in an entry way or bedroom. You could hang your favorite pictures from it or even use it as a cute display for all of those Christmas cards you’ll be getting soon (do people still send Christmas cards? Is that still a thing?). Either way, I’m sure you could put this piece to good use!


“Abstract Garden” by Elinor Luna $129.99 @ World Market

This painting. I LOVE this! I actually was going between this painting and another one from Pier One for the loongest time! I wanted something to go over our TV console and I was having the hardest time deciding. But alas, the elephant won out over the flowers (I’m gaga over this elephant – I’ll post a picture soon so you can drool with me. Is that awkward? Co-drooling? Yes? Ok ,forget I mentioned it). I would still love to find a place for this in my house though – it’s just so gorgeous!

Retro-Classic White Accent Chairs (set of 2) $166.99 @

Retro-Classic White Accent Chairs (set of 2) $166.99 @

These chairs. Words cannot express my feelings for these beauties. I wish I had a different dining table so they could live in my house. Or that my living room was slightly bigger so I could use them as accents. Sigh. I LOVE the look of these – especially the wooden legs. I hope someone out there falls in love with them and then messages me a picture of what they decided to do with ’em! Please. Someone. Anyone. I need to live vicariously through you!

Welp, there are my favorite finds this week – and now I’m off to put real clothes on & get to work! Being an adult is so overrated, don’t you think?!

Friday Finds!

It’s Friiiiiiiday! I don’t think I’ve ever been this ready for a weekend. Work was a bit rough this whole week, so literally every day was spent thinking, “Is it Friday yet?”. Have you ever experienced that? I really am trying to learn to enjoy every moment and not be so quick to rush on to the next thing… but the weekend is just so glorious! It’s hard to not wish it was always Saturday ;)

P.S. I’m FINALLY finishing my dining room chair reupholstery project tomorrow, so that should be up on the blog early next week! I am so excited to share it with y’all – it turned out better than I ever imagined! The fabric really changes the look of the entire room. Also on the weekend to-do list, is hanging a magnetic knife rack in our kitchen, so I can finally get my beautiful Wusthofs’ out of the drawers! While my husband hangs the rack (cuz let’s be honest, I really shouldn’t be trusted with any kind of power tool), I’ll be busy working on my next DIY project! I already have the idea… now it’s time to sketch it out, figure dimensions and dream, dream, dream! I think y’all will like this one :)

Anywhoo, Friday Finds! I am loving this week’s finds & I think you will too!!

Threshold Wood and Brass Finish Egret Bookends $22.49 @ Target (online and in store)

Threshold Wood and Brass Finish Egret Bookends $22.49 @ Target (online and in store)

These bookends. I have a slight obsession with bookends. And I can never seem to find the perfect ones! Well hellooooo Dolly! I saw these at Target and immediately fell in love! You know me, put any kind of metal and wood together and I’m hooked! I’m also obsessed with birds. So, yep.. I really never stood a chance against these beauts! And for such a great price?? Double swoon!

Landon Desk - Natural $349.99 @ Home Decorators Collection

Landon Desk – Natural $349.99 @ Home Decorators Collection

This desk. I DREAM of a beautiful, light, airy home office for myself, with a desk exactly like this one right in the center of the room! I love all of the little drawers. Love the color of the wood. And quite honestly, for a solid desk, the price isn’t terrible either!

Home Decor Fabric - Waverly Carino - Buttercup ON SALE $20.99/yd @ Joanns (online only)

Home Decor Fabric – Waverly Carino – Buttercup ON SALE $20.99/yd @ Joanns (online only)

This fabric. LOVE the color. Love the design! I think this would be perfect for a Roman shade over a kitchen window. Or as a set of throw pillows on your couch. I feel like it’s the perfect pop of yellow to brighten up any room!

Owen "Mail" Letter Holder $29.99 @ World Market

Owen “Mail” Letter Holder $29.99 @ World Market

This mail holder. I LOVE this! Anything wood and pallet-y (yes, I just made that word up) is so in right now that I don’t think you can go wrong with this piece! It’s super rustic, which I adore. Love the twine/rope to hold the mail in place. And the black stenciling! It would be gorgeous hanging on the wall in your entryway!

Mercury Glass Chicken Wire Table Lamp $54.99 @ World Market

Mercury Glass Chicken Wire Table Lamp $54.99 @ World Market

This table lamp. I have loved this thing for a LONG time!! I drool over it every time I walk through World Market. Love the coloring of the letters, love that it’s wrapped in chicken wire. It’s just an all-around beautiful lamp! Perfect for an office or on a end table in your living room!

I hope these finds this week inspire you as you dream about your space! Planning and searching is always worth it when you find that PERFECT piece! What are some of your favorite places to shop for your home?? I’d love to hear about them!