Friday Finds!

Friiiday! Y’all. It’s been such a full, exciting week over here. So much has been accomplished, including:

1) We finally took our Christmas tree down! It was a momentous occasion, folks. Only took us 29 days after Christmas to make it happen. Cuz we’re go-getters like that. Don’t judge.

2) Our church community groups have launched! This is a weekly bible study (one of many at the church!) that we host in our home and we LOVE it. People gathering together to share a meal and grow and learn with each other and God – it’s amazing to be a part of! It’s also the reason we finally had to de-Christmas. Which is good, because otherwise it might’ve been June before it happened.

3) I spent yesterday afternoon doing a few baking experiments for an exciting project I’m working on! Hopefully I can share more with y’all about that soon – just know that I’m stoked! Creating recipes is seriously my happy place.



Okay, now onto the good stuff! I’ve decided to redo part of our guest room to include a home office for myself (since my crafting/DIY goodies runneth over), so the hunt is on for pieces to make the vision I have come to life! I’ve also managed to wrangle my incredible husband into re-painting the guest room for me. The one we just repainted, oh, 4 months ago, you ask? Yes, that one. He is way too good to me! Thankful he puts up with my crazy ideas. So needless to say, this process definitely inspired some of my finds this week!


Ranarp Work Lamp $39.99 @ IKEA

This lamp. I can’t even… I die. I love this light so much that I literally want to go out this second and buy 10 of them. Because that’s not impulsive. Or excessive. Right? But seriously!! SWOON!


Boho Boutique Mika Shower Curtain (ON SALE) $22.49 @ Target (online only)

This shower curtain. Not for my office (obvs), but I do loveee it! It would bring such a fresh pop of color to a bathroom, guest or master! I love that there are 2 separate fabrics – a party for your eyes!


Urban Industrial Open Bookcase – Antique Silver (ON SALE) $251.00 @ Home Decorator’s Collection

This bookshelf. I mean, COME ON! I am so obsessed with metal decor right now, it’s not even funny. This is just such a great neutral, simple piece of furniture that would add so much to a room. Like, an office. Cough cough.


Matilda Relax Kidney Pillow $35.00 @ Home Decorator’s Collection

This pillow. This would look so great as a statement pillow in various rooms – a bedroom or on the couch in a livingroom. It’s bright, cheery & adds a nice homey touch.


Stockholm Mirror $99.00 @ IKEA

This mirror. IKEA has done it again, y’all! This is one of their new mirrors and I am in luuuurve with it! Love this for an entry way, above a table, in a bathroom or even an office! Cough cough. ;)

I hope this week’s finds inspired you in some way and sparked a few ideas as you decorate YOUR home! Have a great weekend, my friends!!

P.S. I’d love to hear from you!! You can find me on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram (search: “theculturedcavewoman”)!


Fabric decisions…

Fabric, curtains, rugs… They all have the same thing in common: I can’t make a decision about one to save. my. LIFE. My dining room chairs have needed a makeover for awhile now… and I knew I wanted something with coral in it (it’s perfect with the color we’ll be painting the dining room, which I’ll reveal soon!). In general, it’s a great shade to complement the rest of the house while also standing out on its own. I was sure I had it all figured out, until I discovered a dirty little secret about myself.

I have pattern commitment issues. Seriously. I ponder on the long term consequences of each choice. My palms start sweating. And (I’m a little embarrassed about this one) I have even been known to have dreams about the options! I know, I know… You would think I’d have better things to obsess over (like starving children, world peace.. just to name a few), but alas, this is me, in all my glory. You’re welcome.

Ok, back to the fabric decision process. Are you scared to be in my mind for the next 5 minutes? Cuz you should be.

My original top 4 choices:


The yellow (top left): I loved the simplicity of this print… but since I went a little wild with our coffee hutch (see that project {here}) & the fact that our dining room is only about, oh, 4 feet away from said hutch, I figured it might be yellow overload. Too muchy, if you catch my drift. I know what you’re thinking, Brenae, too much?! Pshhh…That is never the case.

The stripes (top right): Guys. I LOVED this one. It was my original first choice, but when I checked, they only had ONE yard left. One. And I needed at least 6. Sigh. That day was a very sad day in the Bradley household.

The birds (bottom left): My opinion is, one can never have too many bird-related items in one’s home. However, my hubs would strongly disagree! So, scratched this one off the list (but seriously, how beautiful is this?! Might need to find a way to incorporate it somewhere still…).

The floral (bottom right): This one had a few of the colors I was looking for, but I wasn’t fully sold on the floral print. I wrestled with it for a bit, but in the end, it just didn’t feel right.

I was about to give up on my search for awhile, when I found THIS!!


What a beaut. I la la la LOVE it. Love the chevron. Love that it’s coral and tan (instead of stark white). It’s a pop of color without with obnoxious. I really like subtle pops. Is that an oxymoron? Oh well. I warned you about the dangers of my mind!

I also loved that it was on sale at ($19.99/yd instead of $39.99/yd). It’s a home decor fabric, so it’s a little more durable that most, which was a huge selling point. So last night, I swallowed my commitment phobia, took the plunge & ordered it!!

There you have it. The official fabric of the Great Chair Reupholstery Project of 2013! I can’t wait to see it in person & start the makeover!

What do you think? Was it the right decision? Which one would you have chosen?

PS (for your viewing pleasure):


(I love Wednesdays)